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Win Apple iPhone 7 Only At Classic Rummy

September 16, 2016
If you are a gadget lover and happen to check-out latest mobile phones, then you must be aware of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.   After the much acclaimed iPhone6, the users were waiting for the next version for a greater upgrade. Apple is known for the value they bring in with each of their product. And with the latest model of the iPhone, they have brought in a lot of welcome changes. For pure speed, iPhone7 is the best option available in the market right now. The phone has A10 Fusion chip, the four-core processor that  contains two high-performance cores that run 40%
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Find Out How To Make The Rummy Game Work For You

September 9, 2016
The rummy game and work for you? Do you find this concept confusing? Actually it is not beyond the bounds of imagination to think that something like a rummy game work for you. You see, when sites like Classic Rummy host the game online they ensure that the game offers more than simple recreation. The game also caters to the social, monetary and other aspects of our life. The fact is, today life has become simpler in terms of convenience but has also become tougher in terms of contact with other people. This means we seek solutions for most things we require online and that is wher
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Classic Rummy On Mobile – Android & iOS

September 8, 2016
Today any hardcore and keen fan of the Indian rummy game may be aware of the fact that the game has transformed and made its way successfully to the internet realm. This means that a player of the game can just login to a site like Classic Rummy to play the rummy card game whenever he or she wishes to play with just a click or two. The game can be played as long as you have access to a computer or some such device and an internet connection. This meant that the game of rummy had become mobile. Did you also know that classic rummy cash games are literally available on the mobile? It

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4 Productive Ways To Make Use of Your Leisure Time

September 2, 2016
Seldom in our lives do we get free time to relax and take a break from our hectic schedule. But when we do get a chance, we mostly waste it in doing unproductive things. Many would agree that a free time means watching television, going for a movie or meeting friends or going out shopping. While these are absolutely necessary to have a social life, there are other useful things that one can indulge in. To make life meaningful and learn new things, one should find our interesting things to do, while free. Then the question arises, what are the most productive ways one can use their fre

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Awesome September Classic Rummy Offers

September 1, 2016
It's a special September at Classic Rummy. We've got everything covered – Cash Back, Rewards such as Flipkart Vouchers and Smart Mobile Phones, Extra Bonuses and more. Play this entire month and take home a memorable reward! Here are the promotions in brief: It's A Pool of Vouchers!!! Play pool rummy and we will award the top 15 winnings with Flipkart vouchers worth Rs 3.5 lakh this month. Know more.. Mobiles For- the-Win! Play points rummy a.k.a strikes rummy with a minimum Rs. 20 point value and if you are among the top 5 winnings, you get to win one of the 5 hottest smart pho
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7 Best Ways to Earn Money through Your Hobbies

August 27, 2016
Looking for a fun way to earn extra money? Well, list out your hobbies and see what each of it can bring you in return! Whether you plan to make it full-time or just do it alongside, a hobby can always get you that extra bit of moolah. And, who wouldn’t want that, especially when it comes at the expense of having fun? Here we list 7 hobbies that will add some extra pennies to your pockets. 1. Blogging Have a flair for writing, and any particular topic you are passionate about? Well then, you should consider blogging. Start out blogging about your favorite topic by choosing a blo
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Misspelled Keywords of Indian Rummy Game

August 9, 2016
We've noticed many players usually misspell the word “rummy” while looking it up on the search engines, and then later get confused to see the result. So here, we are trying to help you avoid that confusion by listing down the misspelled terms. These are the most common misspelled keywords of rummy game that we came across till date - rami, rammy, rammi, remmy, remmi, rummi, rummie, rumi, onlinerammy We do get many queries with "remi card game" - this is Indonesian version of rummy. The mentioned keywords are nothing but the alternative forms of online rummy game searched in searc
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Enjoy 100% Cash Back through PayTM at Classic Rummy

July 18, 2016
More rewards, more fun! That’s what you get at Classic Rummy. And, this time around it’s more than that – we’re giving you rewards not once but twice!! Besides, there’s nothing huge that you need to do. Simply make your deposits via PayTM and get yourselves two 50% cash back offers. Find all the detail about classic rummy paytm offer. So, here’s another chance for you to make the most of the Classic Rummy offers. And, this one’s a biggie because you have to do no more than just deposit using your PayTM wallet. That’s enough for you to get yourself 50% cash back in yo

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Classic Rummy Launches User-friendly Multi-table Feature

May 24, 2016
For the first time ever in the history of rummy Gaming industry, Classic Rummy has launched the smart, user-friendly multi-table feature that facilitates playing up to 3 games in a single screen. There’s a lot more to this upgrade. Ever-enhancing, and always trying to provide the best, unmatchable gaming experience to its players, Classic Rummy has gone one step further to provide effortless navigation through really helpful features. So, the player can access all the essential functionalities right there in a single screen with just a few clicks. They are now made available at the

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Classic Rummy Exciting Deals on GrabOn!

April 26, 2016
At Classic Rummy, deposit offers just keep pouring in. Your extra bonuses and rewards are always taken care of. Here’s one right now that gives you welcome bonus and instant cash on your first deposit made via GrabOn. Just make a deposit via GrabOn and use the code to grab the following two rewards on your first deposit: 1. Welcome Bonus up to Rs. 1000 2. Rs. 100 instant cash That’s not all. Visit GrabOn and find various other exclusive offers such as Free Cash, Bonuses and much more.. Your extra rewards are waiting for you. Are you ready?