List Of Card Games For Two People

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)
List Of Card Games For Two People
Card Games for Two Players

Playing cards have always been associated with a huge gathering of people or for special occasions but have you wondered if you could play cards with just your best friend?

Yes you can and there are many interesting card games made for 2 players. The list below has a few all- time favourite 2 player card games and their gameplay.

1. Klaberjass or Bela:
This is a card game which is popular in Germany and follows a basic trick-and-draw format, the game heads the family of games called jack-nines primarily because these two cards; jack and nine; are the trump cards in this type of gameplay.

Klaberjass 2 player card game

Requirements – A deck of 52 playing cards(32 required to play) and 2 players

Rules of Klaberjass or Bela
Each player receives 6 cards in batches of 3, in addition to this a card is drawn from the undealt cards to set precedent which is the trump suit.

Each player now has the opportunity to make more points than the other by making a bet, if neither plays wants to make the bet there is a pass round, if the second round is also passed that bet or card is aborted and the next card is drawn from the deck of undealt cards.

This continues till you reach 500 points after melding your cards at the end of every round, the points are assigned to the cards as such: trump suit- J=20, 9=14, 10=10, A=11, K=4, Q=3, 8=0, 7=0 and for the other suits A=11, 10=10, K=4, Q=3, J=2, 9=0, 8=0, 7=0.

2. Pate Pe Pata:
This has been an all time favorite pastime for ages among indian households and the name of the game directly translates to “card over card”, once you read how the game is played it’s sure to bring back memories and it might be called something else for you but the level of fun one has while playing remains the same.

Requirements – A deck of 52 playing cards and 2 players

Rules of Pate Pe Pata – The deck of cards are evenly distributed among both the players face down, the players keep placing cards face up at a rapid speed and if your card matches the card it’s been played over all the cards are yours and this is repeated till either one player wins all the cards or the other runs out of cards to play.

3. Indian Rummy:
No list of cards games would be complete without mentioning an all time favorite around the world and that’s Indian Rummy!

13 card online rummy 2 player game

Every occasion has called for a fun round of rummy and sometimes you don’t need an occasion to play your favorite game, just you and your best friend!

Requirements – A deck of 52 playing cards

Rules of Indian Rummy– The cards are shuffled well and the dealer then deals 13 cards each to the opponent and himself.

The remaining cards are kept in the middle and one card is then overturned and proceeds to be the joker for the rest of that round.

There are many ways to play Indian Rummy but the most preferred way to play is the classic way where the objective is to form melds before your opponent.

The melds can be made in sequence of A23 or 10JQK or 555 and there has to be one pure meld for example 4567 and all of these melds have to follow suit, except for the one with the same number set (777).

The last card which is not part of any meld is selected to close the game. There is a lot of skill involved in this game and you can’t lose concentration for even a second if you want to win!

4. Bezique:
A super fun and interesting game which requires both players to be alert throughout the duration of the entire game.


It’s origins date back to 19th century France and has been around for so many years for a reason, follow the rules carefully and gear up for some super fun rounds of Bezique.

Requirements– 2 decks of cards with A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7

Rules- The dealing is unique you need to deal 3 cards to the opponent then 3 to self and 2 cards to opponent and 2 cards to self and 3 cards to the opponent again and 3 to self.

Once the dealing is done the remaining cards are kept in the middle of the table, one card is turned over and this is the and if you turn over a 7 the dealer is awarded 10 points.

There is no obligation to follow the trump suit in the initial rounds, the player who wins the trick keeps the card aside. The melds are made in regular sequences and points are awarded accordingly with the trump suit melds having higher preference.

The winner of the final trick draws the final card from the talon and then the final round is played where the trump suit matters and the value of the card played also matters.

5. 52 pick up:
Welcome to the game you can play only one time with someone who has not played the game ever before!

Wondering what makes this game so unique? It’s the super fun and extremely rare nature of this game that makes it so unique!

Requirements– Any number of cards, a player who has never played before!

Rules of 52 Pick Up – The player who has not played the game ever before goes first, they must sit in the corner of the room, the other player then proceeds to shuffle the cards well and once this is done the other player must close his eyes and count to ten, while the countdown reaches 10 throw all the cards all around the room and run for your life.

It is for this reason this game can be played only one time with a player who has never played this game before or with really young kids just for it’s shear fun and low key nature.

Enjoyed our list? Hope you have fun playing these games and let us know if we’ve missed out your favorites and we’ll include them in our second edition!


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