Online Rummy – Fun, Excitement & Action Now Also on the Internet Ta-da!!!!

play-rummy-games-for-fun The fast evolving technological advancements have made the world a much smaller place with almost anything you want available online. Rummy too can now be played online anytime from any location. No need to wait for friends or a pack of cards; just login and get into the rummy...

Skill or Luck – Play rummy online and figure it!

rummy-a-game-of-skill In the Indian context just the word “Rummy” evokes a sense of nostalgia in most of us. Almost all of us have played this game at some point in time in our lives. Either it was to kill time, some entertainment activity with friends /family or just a keen...

Rohit is totally enjoying the New Classic Rummy website!

Happy-Player-of-Classic-Rummy Rohit Chatterjee, a businessman, vouches for Classic Rummy and its enhanced features. He is very excited about the new features and is grateful for the refreshing experience at the new website of Classic Rummy.

Testimonial from a die-hard fan of Classic Rummy!

rummy-player-testimonial We have a happy customer, Mr. Sreehari, who is absolutely in love with the new look of Classic Rummy! He is now glued to the site and just can’t get enough of the new features on our renewed website.  

Indulge in the game the world loves with Classic rummy!

Diwali-Rummy-Special-Tourney Rummy is considered the second most popular game in the world; second only to poker. The primary reason for this sweeping popularity is the success of numerous variants of the game that are rampant across different regions. With just minor differences in basic rummy rules, each variant adds a...
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